Shiba Inu personality traits
Shiba Inu is renowned for its whole spirit, high intelligence, and dedication. These intelligent animals are very capricious and require good training. Shiba's are brave, loyal, and brave dogs - they perfectly act as guards and in any dangerous situation are ready to rush into battle in order to protect their master and territory.

They have everything under control - you can safely leave the house with your pet for the time of departure - no enemy is not afraid of him!

Dogs are active, energetic, and respectful of sports. They are great companions - always ready to support you on a run and will gladly frolic together on a walk or on a hike. Despite the external restraint, Shiba Inu are very playful, they like to have fun and play pranks, especially if there are children nearby.
Animals are still clean - they deliberately avoid dirt and lick themselves very carefully.

Working for quite a long time in our Shiba Inu cattery, we never cease to be touched by these smiling faces. Yes, they can really smile! The facial expressions of these creatures deserve a separate topic. On the faces of Shiba Inu, you can see the whole spectrum of emotions, from universal love to extreme discontent.
History of the breed
The homeland of the Shiba Inu is Japan. The breed appeared more than two millennia ago. Dogs were used as hunters. Both the rich and the poor could afford such a pet. In 1928, when the number of Siba Inu declined sharply, it was decided to restore the breed. And already in 1936, the breed was recognized as a national treasure of Japan.
Shiba Inu's appearance
Shiba Inu are harmoniously built. The body is strong and massive; straight back with muscular lower back; chest width, moderate; lean stomach. Paws are strong, of medium size. The muzzle is thickened at the base and sharpens closer to the nose. Shiba Inu has a thick coat with a dense undercoat.

The weight of males is 9-14 kg with a height of 40 cm. The weight of females is 8-13 kg, and the height is 37 cm.
Who is the Shiba Inu breed suitable for?
Representatives of this breed have a rather complex disposition and therefore it is not recommended to start them as the first dog. Shiba Inu is perfect for an experienced dog handler and an avid hunter. Feel free to take your pet for hunting or long hikes. It is a great companion for such cases - it will gladly accompany you.

The animal loves physical activity in the fresh air, so the best place for such a dog is a country house. Although in a city apartment he will also be comfortable.

This breed has a highly developed hunter instinct, so it most likely will not get along in the same space with small animals, since it can take them for prey. This is important to consider when introducing a pet.
Owners, purchasing puppies from us in the KELMASOMI Siba Inu kennel, often write to us and share their impressions of communicating with pets:
"It's great that we took Shiba into our family! It is incredibly interesting, difficult, and simple at the same time with him) It seems that he looks into the eyes and tests you for strength - will you yield to him or not?) Strong-willed character. Definitely for me! "
"Our lovely plush doll. It grows, pleases us with its spontaneity and optimism. Always affectionate, playful, favorite in the family now) "
"Friends, once again a million thanks for a friend! Who else would I go hunting with? After all, he understands from half a glance, half a word, an excellent dog !! "
We invite you to visit our kennel KELMASOMI. We are engaged in breeding purebred Shiba Inu, and we do it with special care and attention. Here you will not only have a good time, but you will also be able to acquire a reliable and faithful friend for yourself. Come visit us and see what adorable Shiba Inu puppies are waiting for their owners.

Fluffy, soft, with funny fox faces - they will not leave indifferent even the most restrained in emotional people. And what a homely atmosphere we have! Come in, get acquainted with these cutest creatures, and give yourself the joy of communicating with them.
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