Character Description of the Chinese Crested Dog
The Chinese Crested dog can rightfully be called one of the most extravagant breeds. The appearance of the dogs is very original and attracts the admiring glances of others. Beautiful, graceful, astonishing with their uniqueness, cute crested dogs only outwardly seem defenseless and fragile creatures. Inside they are real fighting lions - without hesitation they will defend their master and will bravely fight for him with their last strength.

Animals are very affectionate and friendly; they simply idolize their master and will be his faithful friend and reliable companion. Chinese crested dogs seem to have been specially created to give their warmth and joy to humans.

They are distinguished by selfless love and devotion to their owner.

Representatives of this breed are quite mobile and adore various trips. And they don't care whether it's a trip in a car, in a bicycle basket, or they have a walk in the park. They will gladly take part in any journey. Coughs love to play and frolic. Especially if one of the family members joins their fun, there will be no limit to their happiness.
Every time, watching these handsome beauties in our KELMASOMI cattery, we are amazed how nature has created such graceful elegant animals! They're just a miracle! They look important, proud, but when they start jumping and having fun, they look like naughty children. You can look at them endlessly.

Chinese Crested dogs are very tactile and love to be stroked, hugged, kissed and generally spend a lot of time on them. This breed does not need a very active lifestyle, and your pet can sit with you all day and express its devotion and love in every possible way.

Animals are absolutely non-aggressive; they will not bark in vain. They are very affectionate towards children. They will get along well with the rest of the pets in the house, if any.
The history of the emergence of the Chinese crested
Scientists believe that the Chinese Crested is one of the oldest breeds and that they originally originated in Africa. In the period from 900 to 1200 AD, these animals were given special honor. They were called symbols of love and goodness. Dogs were used instead of a heating pad and put under a blanket to warm the owner with warmth.

Even 50 years ago, the Chinese Crested were on the verge of extinction, and only thanks to the British specialists, the breed was preserved.
Appearance of the breed
Cotyledons are small in size. The growth of males is 27-33 cm, and females are 22-30 cm. Weight ranges from 2.2 to 5.5 kg. Dogs have a graceful body, long thin limbs. The eyes are small and oblong. The ears are big.

There are two types of Chinese crested dog - hairless and downy individuals. Hairless dogs do have hair on their head, legs and tail. Downy crested coats are covered with fur all over the body.

The color can be very diverse: white and white-black; chocolate with white; blue and white; cream with white. And also, black, blue and tricolor.
Who is the Chinese Crested for?
The Chinese Crested cannot stand being alone. Therefore, do not leave them alone in the room for a long time. This makes them feel uncomfortable. The size of the dogs allows them to be kept even in a small apartment. They are absolutely suitable for those who value loyalty, devotion, affection and attention. All these qualities are possessed by Chinese crested dogs.
Here are some of the reviews that Chinese Crested dog puppy owners have written to us:
"It is impossible to stop looking at this beautiful fluffy face! You have to hug her all day long) "
"Guys, thank you for being there! Acquired in the KELMASOMI kennel such a miracle to myself, affectionate, beloved, and what a smart one! He still understands, you can see it in his eyes) "
"We walked with him today, so he showed himself to be a real fighter. I wound up so that I barely took it home - that's what a real defender means! "
In the KELMASOMI dog kennel we are looking forward to meeting you with these beautiful creatures. You will absolutely fall in love with Chinese Crested Dog puppies as soon as you see these cute little ones. Soft, affectionate, our beloved lumps of happiness! We will be happy when they find their loving family.

In our kennel for the Chinese crested dog, we are breeding purebred breeds. Our puppies leave the kennel only with the necessary vaccinations and documents.

We invite you to visit our cozy home, our wonderful nursery! And also, we organize the delivery of Chinese Crested Dog puppies around the world with all international documents for transportation.
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