Chihuahua character features
Chihuahua is one of the smallest and most popular dog breeds in the world. Despite their small stature, these kids are endowed with a big loving heart. They adore their owner and do everything possible to get approval from the owner. Future owners of Chihuahua puppies need to know – these crumbs are huge jealous. They do not tolerate competition around them.

The Chihuahua's character is unique and it is very difficult to find another breed whose character would be so different from each other. Representatives of this breed can be both obedient and gentle creatures and cocky and wayward individuals.

But there is a trait that unites all Chihuahua dogs – it is fearlessness and courage. These babies are ready to fight even the biggest and most vicious enemy, protecting their beloved master. It is quite difficult to calm the dog down at such moments.

Animals are suspicious and distrustful of unfamiliar people. But the pet worships his person – he perfectly reads his mood and internal state. Always friendly and affectionate with his master. But unobtrusive – will not bother you if you are busy. He will comfortably settle nearby so that he can watch you.

Chihuahua puppies are incredibly cute, and you can see for yourself by visiting us at the KELMASOMI kennel. Breeding purebred Chihuahuas with responsibility and care, we are happy to open our doors to all dog lovers. We will answer all your questions regarding nutrition, puppy care. You will not remain indifferent – these babies fall in love with just one glance!
Chihuahuas get along well with children and often choose them as their favorites. But due to the very delicate and fragile constitution of animals, experts do not recommend bringing this breed into families with small children.

The pet should not be left unattended during a walk in the yard. They are so small that they can become prey for large dogs or even birds of prey. Lovers of bullying, they themselves can provoke other dogs - to run out of the fence and bark loudly at the passing animals.

In general, this small-looking dog has a very high opinion of himself and needs an eye and an eye for her. Chihuahuas cannot stand loneliness – they begin to whine, bark and indignantly, they can even play a trick.

Dogs, thanks to their keen hearing, can responsibly serve people with hearing problems and be their loyal informants.
The history of the breed
Chihuahuas began their existence in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is believed that the first dog breeders were the Maya, Aztec and Shoshone tribes. First, the breed spread throughout America, and then the dogs became known all over the world.

The first standard for the short-haired Chihuahua breed was signed in America in 1923. Long-haired dogs were recognized and included in the FCI standard later, in 1954.
External characteristics of the Chihuahua
The animal body is compact, with a muscular loin and a short back. The croup is strong and wide. The belly is tucked up. The front legs in dogs are long and straight, lacking muscle mass. The musculature of the hind legs is good, with well-developed joints. The head is rounded, shaped like an apple. The nose is neat, turned up. Large, rounded eyes. Ears are large, wide at the base, with a soft rounded tip. Chihuahuas are smooth-haired and long-haired with various coat colors – from light red, chocolate to black.

The weight of individuals ranges from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. Height at withers 15-23 cm.
Who is the Chihuahua for?
If you love gracefulness, minimalism, elegance, style – choose a Chihuahua as your companion. They are loyal, reliable friends, very loving. They love to sit on the arms, fondle, hug and show their love in every possible way.

Dogs are perfect for keeping in a small apartment.

If you love to travel, this breed is for you. Animals are inquisitive, active, and very energetic. They are also very mobile and compact. These kids are happily welcomed in hotels and recreation centers – usually, the crumbs do not cause trouble for the owners.
In their reviews of Chihuahuas, our puppy owners always speak positively and lovingly about pets. And we are always happy to receive such letters and messages.
"We remember with gratitude your kennel when they came to you for the first time and were almost immediately greeted as family people. Thank you for our little brave man! We adore him, we are not overjoyed, what a nimble, smart, smart and funny baby we have)) "
The realization that we are connecting the hearts of friends - what could be more pleasant! This is not only our responsible work, it is our whole life. In our Chihuahua kennel, we put our souls into our babies. Chihuahua puppies from us in full receive a portion of positive emotions.

Kennel KELMASOMI invites you to get to know these wonderful creatures and choose your true friend. We will be happy to answer all your questions about this breed. Come on in, we guarantee you, you will be happy from meeting our pets!
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