Australian Shepherd and its nature
Australian Shepherds (Aussies) are known throughout the world as loyal and dependable companions. These cheerful, friendly, affectionate and very quick-witted dogs easily find a common language with all household members. They adore children – they are ready to play outdoor games with them day and night. We, in the KELMASOMI dog kennel, over the years of working with this breed, confirm their playful and light temper.

Representatives of the Australian Shepherd breed are active and very energetic. With pleasure, accompanying the owner on long hikes, on a treadmill, or on a walk, they will not give a single opportunity to get bored. Aussies are tireless, playful, and very nimble - they need to be active.

Sheepdogs are completely non-aggressive, but in the event of a threat to their owner or someone from the family members, they will give a worthy rebuff to the offender.
Aussie origin story
The homeland of these beautiful and hardworking animals in North America. The best representatives of the Pyrenean Sheepdogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Collies were selected to develop a new breed of Aussies. So a completely new breed of strong, intelligent, and hardy dogs was born, which was given the name Australian Shepherd.
Who is the Australian Shepherd for?
Aussies need physical activity every day. Therefore, these animals are suitable only for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Your pet will not appreciate it if you leave him alone in the apartment for a long time. Dogs love constant movement, jumping, love to have fun, and play with their household. These animals are perfect for life, both in a private house with the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors and in an apartment due to their compact size.
External characteristics of the breed
Aussies are medium-sized dog breeds. Females are more graceful than males. Their height is 45-53 cm, the height of males is 52-59 cm. The weight of the animal varies from 15 to 32 kg. The head is in proportion to the body. The neck of the dog is powerful and muscular, with a slight curve. The limbs are strong and proportional, in girth they are oval in shape. The chest is wide, the belly is tucked up with a smooth curve. The wool is semi-long.

The colors of the Aussie Shepherd Dogs are different in color schemes and pattern shapes. These unique animals have only their own individual color and pattern, so you will not find two identical representatives of this breed.

In our dog kennel KELMASOMI, we are breeding purebred Australian Shepherds.
A few lines about the Aussie temperament that we received from the owners of our Australian Shepherd puppies:
"Smart, cunning, kind, stubborn, nimble, gets her way, and most importantly - my infinitely beloved AUSSI."
"Our affectionate and gentle, like a kitten, is at home, and if he is in the country, he guards and protects, which becomes scary even for us :)".
Our main goal in the kennel of the Australian Shepherd KELMASOMI, we consider getting harmoniously developed individuals. We carefully monitor and support not only their physical but also emotional, mental health.

Here you can get yourself a faithful and devoted friend, a wonderful helper and companion. Australian Shepherd puppies come in a variety of colors. But most often in our kennel, handsome Aussie puppies are born with the color blue marble, black tricolor, and red marble.

KELMASOMI Australian Shepherd Kennel is always glad to welcome you. We are ready to advise you on any questions regarding the acquisition, care, and characteristics of this breed.

All Aussie puppies are sold only with the necessary vaccinations and relevant documents. We deliver worldwide.
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