Features of the breed Labrador
Labradors are by far one of the most popular dog breeds. And this is not surprising, because Labradors have all the positive qualities that a dog should have. Devotion, fearlessness, loyalty, reliability, good nature, ability to work, endurance. And this is not all that can be said about these beautiful animals. But if you have to choose one word to describe the Labrador, then that word will be Friend.

Labrador puppies and adults are generously gifted with intelligence. They lend themselves well to training and understand their master perfectly. Labradors have a balanced temperament; they will never be scared or lonely with them. Animals are very intelligent and prudent, and according to statistics, about 80% of these dogs serve as guides and helpers for people with disabilities. These brave dogs with a keen sense of smell are often used in the service in rescue operations.

Aggression is completely unusual for Labradors, they get along well with other animals, as well as children of any age.
History of the origin of the breed
It is believed that the birthplace of these intelligent and hardy animals is the island of Newfoundland. Initially, dogs served as assistants to fishermen. They caught fish and helped tirelessly to carry fishing tackle. Only in 1903 dog breeders recognized Labradors as a separate breed.
Description of the appearance of the Labrador
Labradors are well built - have a strong, muscular physique. They have a strong, short, massive loin. Head with a broad skull and a pronounced transition from the main part of the head to the muzzle. The nose is large with wide nostrils. The eyes are medium in size, expressing high intelligence. The coat is short, thick, and waterproof.

The weight of the dog is 26-24 kg and the height is 55-61 cm; females 25-32 kg and height 53-58 cm.

The KELMASOMI kennel is engaged in breeding black and chocolate Labrador puppies.
Who are Labradors suitable for?
Representatives of the breed, without any doubt, are suitable for a family. They are wonderful companions, empathetic, loyal, loyal, intelligent animals. They are very attached to household members, adore children, and even for some time will be able to play the role of a nanny to their young comrade.

If you are a hunter or a fisherman, then you definitely cannot do without this remote assistant! The dog is able to find games in any area - in the forest, in a swamp, and anywhere. They love water very much, they love to dive and swim, so your friend will be useful to you both on hunting and fishing.

It is convenient to keep Labradors both in a private house and in a city apartment.
Working for many years in the KELMASOMI Labrador kennel and breeding purebred Labrador puppies, we get a lot of rave reviews about this breed. Here are just a few of them:
"This summer we bought a wonderful girl of the Labrador Retriever breed! How cool she is not to describe in words! It was a gift to my daddy! But this puppy is the favorite of all family members! "
"We are very glad that we took such a wonderful friend into the family, our child was 5 years old then. They are now best friends, do not spill water!!! Grace is a beautiful and intelligent dog, powerful, healthy. Loves to swim, feels water a mile away. We often go with her to the forest. We took her with us to the sea and it was very good for us there."
"A year and a half ago we bought this wonderful Labrador puppy in Kelmasomi kennel, I found their ad through Avito. Since we live in Finland, I could not come in advance, see, choose a puppy. Just a week before our arrival, we contacted Elena, found out that the puppies were free, and just trusted her! They made an advance payment and a week later I arrived, and we met at the agreed place, I saw our puppy for the first time and received all the papers that we needed to travel back to Finland. Our beauty is already two years old; she is a member of our family and a loyal friend."
We invite you to visit our good-natured home - a cosy nursery KELMASOMI. We are pleased to introduce you to our pets - beautiful black and chocolate Labrador puppies.

Our doors are always open for you, and we will be happy to tell you everything about your favourite breed, about the nutritional and caring features of your pet. Come and plunge into an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere, where we are always happy to see you. Perhaps very soon this gentle, reasonable miracle will appear in your home and will win your heart for life.
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