Prospective owners of puppies repeatedly ask questions about caring for their pets. Here we answer the most frequent ones:
When can I pick up the puppy?
In Russia and the nearest CIS countries, puppies can go home after 2 months from the date of birth.

Puppies are sent to other countries at the age of 4 months, when all the necessary vaccinations are made, the chip is made and the documents for transportation are prepared.
Will there be support from the kennel after purchasing the puppy?
Yes, definitely! In the first six months, we are constantly in touch with you. You can contact us with any questions. Many owners call us and after several years of owning a dog, they share with us photos and videos of their pets. We are very happy to keep in touch!
How are the documents going?
Our kennel is registered in the Russian Kennel Federation (RKF). All puppies are sold only with the appropriate documents and necessary vaccinations.
How to feed your puppy?
Our cattery KELMASOMI cooperates with Royal Canin and Pro Plan companies. We select only premium feed varieties. You can purchase a 20 kg bag of food for your puppy for the first time. You can buy it from us at a special price, which is covered by the breeder's discount. This feed will be enough for the pet for the next five months.
How to feed your puppy?
Since the puppy's stomach is small and the digestive system cannot cope with overload, you should divide the daily portion of food into several small parts and give it throughout the day.
Can food be given from the table?
If your pet is eating balanced food, then it is not recommended to give food from the table. This will lead to an imbalance in proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. If you still want to treat your pet to something, be sure to put food in its bowl, do not feed the puppy from the table.
How often to get vaccinated?
We recommend vaccinating your dog once a year. And, of course, before being vaccinated, you need to do an anthelmintic program 10 days in advance. We do the first vaccinations for our puppies in the KELMASOMI kennel.
How often should you do deworming?
Up to a year, processing should be carried out once a quarter. When the dog reaches the age of 1 year, an antiparasitic agent should be given every six months.
How much time to spend with the dog?
Undoubtedly, the dog requires a lot of attention. And spending time with her is desirable to the maximum. It takes up to half an hour to feed the pet a day. Once a day, you need to arrange a long walk for the dog - 1 hour. In addition to such a walk, you need to take your pet out for 10-20 minutes 3 times a day. In total, walking the animal will take 1.5-2 hours a day. It is advisable to give the dogs daily activities - running with obstacles, swimming. Dedicate 30 minutes to this. If you train your pet, you will be busy for about 60 minutes on the day of training.

Of course, the owner decides how many hours to spend on classes with the animal, but if you have the opportunity, it is better to give your dog more time.
What kind of toys does a dog need?
Toys are essential for your pet. They make the animal more active at home and on a walk, eliminate plaque, remove itching and pain when changing teeth in puppies, and prevent stress. The assortment in stores allows you to purchase various toys-balls, bouncers, frisbee plates, play rings, etc. Choose safe toys that are suitable for the dog in size and shape.
How often should you bathe your dog?
It is necessary to bathe the dog once every 2-4 weeks, depending on the condition of its coat. Of course, if your pet fell out in the mud or sand during a walk, then when you come home, you need to clean and wash the fur. Wash your dog with a gentle dog shampoo using conditioner.
Where should the puppy sleep?
In fact, each owner has his own answer to this question. Someone allows the puppy to sniff next to him on the pillow all night, and someone does not even allow him to jump on the owner's bed.

In order to discipline your puppy, you need to arrange a warm cozy place for your pet in a quiet part of the house. And to accustom to the place from the first day.
Can the dog sleep from the owner's bed?
There are no hard and fast rules to sleep or not sleep in bed with your pet. Each owner decides for himself. There are disadvantages to sleeping together - the pet can sleep lightly, disturbing you; your allergies may worsen; the dog may become aggressive by starting to perceive your bed as its territory; heating the bed is a huge disadvantage in summer. There are still many reasons why you should define your place for an animal. The choice lies with the owner.
When should you start training your dog?
The first command should be started to vaccinate the puppy as soon as he appears in the house. Let these be the simplest commands, but by the age of 6 months, the puppy will master them perfectly and will be obedient both at home and at a party, and on a walk.
The first day of the puppy at home. Advice.
By the time the puppy arrives at the house, you must be sure that all sharp and unsafe objects are removed from the dog's line of sight. Determine a place for sleeping, feeding, and toilet pet and from the first days accustom to these places. Try not to introduce your puppy to other animals in the house on the first day. If, during the inspection of a new home, the pet is frightened of some object, carefully acquaint him with it, let him smell and examine. On the first night, the puppy may be restless in a new place, then put a heating pad in the bed and arrange a cozy warm nest for the baby next to your bed, so that we can stroke it at night with our hand outstretched.

If you devote a lot of time to your puppy for the first week and take a vacation specifically for this, and then go to work, he can get a lot of stress. Therefore, it will be better to leave the puppy alone for a while from the first day, increasing this time every day, and be sure to praise when you come home.
When can you walk outside with your puppy?
You can take your baby outside after 4 months when all the necessary vaccinations have been made.
If you leave and you have no one to leave your pet with, we provide overexposure for an additional fee. This service is only available for our puppies. We will gladly take your pet to stay with us. Contact us, we will be glad!
Handler services
Would you like your pet to take part in exhibitions? We can provide you with handler services. We will also give all the necessary information on how to prepare for this.
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