Choosing a dog breed is a responsible business
Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friends. And there are few people who would not dream of a four-legged comrade. Dogs are often silent and cannot express their feelings in words, but sometimes the expression of the eyes and the joyful wagging of the pet's tail are more eloquent than any words.

The choice of dog breed must be approached with all responsibility. We at KELMASOMI kennel very often ask the future puppy owner the following questions.
For what purpose do you need a dog?
This is perhaps the most important question, by answering this, you can already roughly understand which breed you need. A variety of dog breeds will allow you to choose a reliable watchman to guard your home, as well as a faithful companion for a joint fishing and hunting trip. Perhaps you need a guide dog or an empathetic informant for the hearing impaired. There are lovers of small, decorative dogs to fit easily into a purse. The breeds are all different and each has its own temperament, but all dogs have one thing in common - they are infinitely loyal and loyal to their owner.
It is important to decide on the size of the pet
If you want a small dog that can be carried in your arms, then you need to choose a four-legged friend from decorative, indoor breeds. If you need a strong and courageous guard at home, then the choice will be made in favor of a large dog. For large and active breeds of dogs, you will need a lot of space. It will be most comfortable to start such a breed if you have a private house with a yard or a large apartment. Small dogs will be comfortable in the room.
Dog temperament
Everyone knows that every breed of dog is endowed with one or another temperament. And it is important to take into account the character of the future pet and the character of the owner. Ideally, both temperaments should be exactly the same.

By the way, the upbringing and high-quality training of a pet from an early age decide great importance in this matter. Therefore, it is important to take puppies into the family in order to instill in him the right qualities he needs. In the KELMASOMI kennel, since childhood, we have been paying attention to raising our puppies.
Long-haired or short-haired
What pet do you want more? Short-haired or long-haired? It is important to know that long hair requires more care. She needs regular good care - combing, cutting, and breaking the pellets. But these are such pleasant chores! What aesthetic pleasure a beautiful, well-groomed dog delivers!
Having answered these basic questions, you will already quite understand for yourself what breed you should get. And you can't go wrong with choosing a pet - you will recognize it at a glance!

On our site, you can learn more about those dog breeds that you liked. It describes the external data of dogs, the history of the origin of the breeds, the nature, and the preferences of animals.

And if you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them and tell you in detail about the breed of interest.
The site provides all detailed information on all six dog breeds. Come in, get interested, read, find out and ask us your questions. We will be happy to help you decide on the breed of your pet.

Beautiful puppies of these noble breeds are waiting for you in our kennel KELMASOMI. We will gladly help you choose a four-legged friend for yourself.

With vast experience in purebred breeding, we guarantee the high quality of our puppies. The kids go to their owners vaccinated and with all the necessary documents.

The only creature in the world capable of selflessly loving and being devoted no matter what is the dog. Always remember this, respect and adore your loyal pets. After all, they need so little to feel happy!
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