Characteristics of the Japanese Chin
Gracefulness, elegance, grace - it's all about the Japanese Chin. Even at first glance, these little creatures feel nobility and aristocracy. These babies love to be admired. Japanese chins are cheerful and very intelligent.

And what lovely Japanese Chin puppies! Small, gentle, fluffy - it's impossible to stop looking at them! Over the years of work in the KELMASOMI cattery, we managed to fall in love with these beautiful creatures, and every time we are moved by their friendly disposition.

Animals have a balanced temperament, which allows them to live comfortably in any family. He will keep active breeders company on a trip, but with a couch potato, he will have a great time sitting on the couch.

They are incredibly brave and brave daredevils. And even in spite of their size, they will not yield to the enemy. They will bark, hiss, and protect the owner, even if the size does not allow engaging in a fight with the enemy.

Chins are very clean. They take care of their own fur, licking it to perfect condition.
History of the breed
For the first time, the ancestors of this breed were mentioned in historical records as early as 732 AD.

The first Japanese chins were brought to England in 1613 and two dogs were donated to Queen Victoria. And by the middle of the 19th-century chins became the favorites of the secular ladies of Europe.
The appearance of the Japanese Chin
Chin weight ranges from 2 to 5 kg. The height of the dog is 20-27 cm. These crumbs have a very delicate constitution. The back is straight and short, the chest is voluminous, and the stomach is tucked up. The skull is wide, rounded, the nose is turned up. The eyes are black, expressive, and wide apart. Small oval feet. The coat is smooth, straight, and silky.

Japanese Chin colors: black and white and white with red, chocolate, fawn shades.
Who is the breed for
Chin is perfect for breeders with no experience in keeping dogs, as it has a gentle character. The size of the pet and the average activity allows it to be kept in a city apartment. Chin needs daily walks, but he is not a very active proponent. This trait is perfect for families that are not active.

Chinas are very small and vulnerable, so families with small children should not have them in order to avoid unexpected injuries to the dog.

The Japanese chin makes you fall in love with itself immediately and forever. These handsome men want to constantly hug, stroke, kiss, and lisp.
The owners speak fondly of our Japanese Chin puppies:
"I rush home from work in order to embrace my hairy! I have never received so much love from anyone)) "
"I love my baby, and he answers me in the same way) I am insanely grateful to you that you introduced me to my Japanese miracle)"
"You know, the kid is incredibly playful and it feels like he understands me without words, my best friend. We adore everyone at home! "
You can buy Japanese Chin puppies in our kennel. All dogs are kindly, loved, surrounded by warmth.

The Japanese Chin Kennel KELMASOMI has been breeding purebred breeds for many years. We do this with love and care for each animal. Approaching our business responsibly, we guarantee you the high quality of purchased puppies.

The KELMASOMI dog kennel is always happy to welcome its guests. We have home comfort, a sincere atmosphere. Come and choose your true friend!
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