About us
I am Elena, for more than 10 years I have been doing my favorite thing – the multi-breed kennel KELMASOMI, which is located near Saint-Petersburg.

Our nursery was formed in 2011 when we moved to live in a private house in the countryside. And the name KELMASOMI was formed from the names of the first dogs.

My family is actively involved in the life of the cattery. My husband and eldest son are my support in all economic and organizational matters. And my daughter, Varyusha, often poses as a model next to our puppies.
We love each of our pets and carefully monitor their health, both physical and mental.

Within six months, when the puppy leaves for a new home, I provide individual consulting support to the new owner in order to cope with all the questions.

I think this is a very important stage in the adaptation of a new family member.
Now in our dog kennel KELMASOMI, we have four breeds:
Australian Shepherd
Japanesĕ hin
Soon we will also grow
Shiba Inu
Our goal is to obtain harmoniously developed dogs: not only beautiful in appearance, but with a balanced psyche and good health.

Our kennel KELMASOMI is officially registered in the Russian Kennel Federation (RKF), and all puppies are sold only with the appropriate documents and the necessary vaccinations.

We will be glad if you find a real friend in our kennel.
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