Shipping & payment
Kennel of dogs KELMASOMI sends puppies to Russia and abroad
To choose a puppy, we suggest that you personally come to our dog kennel KELMASOMI, which is located in the Leningrad region in the village of Kuyvozi not far from St. Petersburg.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us in person, we will send you detailed information about the puppy, photos, and videos in messengers or by e-mail.
After the puppy is selected, you make advance payment and book the puppy. The deposit guarantees that this puppy is assigned to you and is no longer offered to others. All these conditions are prescribed in the contract between the KELMASOMI kennel and you.

Please note that if your personal circumstances have changed and you wish to cancel your puppy's reservation, the prepayment paid is non-refundable.
Puppies are transferred to a new owner at the age of 2.5-3 months in Russia and at the age 4 months to other countries, after complete vaccination and quarantine, with a veterinary passport and a puppy card, which then changes to a pedigree.

We also can make international pedigree within your request.
Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
500 - 700 euro with couriers in a minibus or by plane
80 - 120 euro with couriers in a minibus
from 700 euros by plane to a major airport.
The cost depends on the direction and is calculated individually.
4 000 - 5 000 RUB with couriers by minibus
Other cities of Russia
8 000 - 10 000 RUB sending by plane to a major airport
4 000 - 5 000 RUB the cost of box for air transportation
Other directions
We will clarify on request
We will help you to choose a puppy. Fill the form below!
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